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Motorization Options

EcoGreen Solar Shades offers many options in motorization to fit any and all needs. We offer motors that can be integrated through the LAN of a building, motors that are low voltage. Also we offer very environmental friendly solar motors, that require no power to control your EcoGreen Solar Shade.

Quiet RTS Motors

The Sonesse Motors are quiet motors operating at 44dba. These motors are controlled by Radio Frequency signal. There are a variety of wall switches or hand held remotes to choose from. The Radio Frequency signal can travel 100 feet in open space and up to 60 feet through 2 brick walls. The advantage to using the RTS is there is no need to run wire to any switches saving in wiring cost. There are two power choices with the RTS Quiet Motors, the Sonesse 30 is a Low Voltage Motor and the Sonesse 50 is a Line Voltage motor.

Quiet RTS Motor Packet (PDF)

Solar Motors

Solar Motors are a great way for your home or building to Save money on electric cost. Also these motors have no impact on the environment. They use the natural sun light which is saved up in a Batter and then that power is used to power the shade.

Solar Autosun Motor Brochure (PDF)

Intelligent (ILT) Motors

ILT Motors work great for building integration. These Motors can be linked in to a buildings LAN network making it possible for a computer to control all the EcoGreen Solar shades in a building or restricting a computer to control only the EcoGreen Solar Shades in a single office. These motors can also able to be integrated with sun sensors to help control natural sun light. Also the motors are compatible with Z-wave switches.

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