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Benefits of EcoGreen Solar Shades

Are you familiar with the HUGE benefits of EcoGreen Solar Shades?

  • Huge Reduction of Heat gain inward in summers.

  • Huge Reduction of Cold gain inward in winters.

  • Huge Reduction of Dollars spent outward on HVAC.

  • Huge Reduction of the Carbon Foot print outward from the building.

  • Huge Reduction of Glare inward on white boards & Computer.

  • Huge Reduction of Cleaning and Repairs to window treatments.

  • Huge Longevity to this product.

  • Huge Sustainability, Lead and Green Guard advantages.

  • Huge Reduction of obstructed vision outward when window treatments are closed.

  • Huge outward vision while shades are down-closed, very important for security.

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